Intuitive, Fast and Flexible. Easy to learn and use

Import data from spreadsheets

Email branded monthly payslips

Export all reports

Ready to submit tax returns

Recruitment, Appraisal, Leave and much more


Kenya’s Best Desktop Payroll & HR Software

Easily produce payroll in a few hours. Fast posting of; overtime from hours, absence from days, loans and savings. Instantly produce muster roll and payslips.

Print reports for payments including cash breakdowns, formatted bank transfer spreadsheets and mobile payment lists.

Submit all taxes returns with no additional formatting and send payslips to individual employees by email. Latest NSSF and iTax formats included.

Easily maintain annual, sick and maternity leave records.

24/7 support with initial training and data entry supervision.

Configurable payroll parameters

  • Create and customize unlimited earnings and deductions
  • All current banks and branches with codes included – updatable
  • Updatable rates for PAYE,NSSF,NHIF and Pension
  • Individual Pension, Life insurance, Mortage reliefs
  • Comprehensive rounding options
  • Export bank transfer files in paying bank format including mobile

Powerful reports

  • Customisable company logo on payslips
  • Save reports as PDF, DOC or XLS
  • Annual summaries for all earnings and deductions
  • Email payslips to individual employees
  • Export bank transfers file in multiple pre-defined formats
  • Approved E-submissions for all payroll statutory deductions

    itax nssf nhif

Scalable software

  • Unlimited number of company licenses per installation
  • Unlimited number of employees
  • Fully networkable
  • Unlimited number of users with individual permission settings
  • Return to closed payroll periods
  • Import employee/postings data from spreadsheets
  • Built in backup and restore

Biometric time clock
(optional extra)


(not including installation)

  • Internal backup battery
  • Day and night shifts setup
  • Overtime, holiday time, absence, regular hours
  • Exports monthly hours to Wagemaster payroll

Integrated human resource database

  • Recruitment module
  • Track probation and contract dates
  • Maintain leave records (Annual, Sick, Maternity etc)
  • Design and administer appraisals
  • Maintain education, employment records and disciplinary data
  • Link all data to relevant documents
  • Maintain data on next of kin, medical history etc
  • Track expatriate visas and work permits

Flexible payroll posting

  • Automatically calculate amount from hours or days
  • Import monthly postings from XLS
  • Maintain check-offs, company loans and cooperative contributions
  • Net-to-Gross pay calculation
  • Assign and update basic earnings using custom pay grades
  • Flexible pension calculations
  • Loans ledger with multiple spaced top up loans
  • Fully multi-currency

Excellent after sales relationship

  • Automatic updates downloading
  • Enjoy 24 hr telephone and email support
  • Optional priority support contract with SLA
  • Tailored reports and special functions
  • Tailored integration with time attendance systems
  • No annual fees




  • Configure Earnings & Taxes
  • P.A.Y.E / N.S.S.F / N.H.I.F Reports
  • Payslips & Management Reports
  • Maintan Annual and Sick Leave
  • Change between payroll periods
  • One-off License fee (Incl. of VAT)


  • FREE


  • KSh.29,000/-


  • KSh.46,400/-


  • KSh.75,400/-


  • KSh.116,000/-

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do we do presentations?
Yes we do within the Nairobi, Nakuru and Mombasa area. This does not apply to resellers who must do their own presentations.
2. Is the price negotiable?
The prices are fixed but discounted for smaller companies are per advertised scale
3. How about group companies?
We offer 30% discount on additional companies within the same group. Proof of belonging to the group may be required. The discount applies to the cheapest of the licenses purchased.
4. Can the same license be used on different computers?
Yes you may install the software with the same license on as many computers as you like. The license fixes the company name only.
5. Do we have terms for payroll bureaus?
Special rates may be negotiated individually with payroll bureaus depending on number and type of licenses required.
6. Do we provide after sales support?
Yes we provide free support for first 3 months and paid support thereafter. At the moment we charge 5,000/= per quarter for remote support (email/telephone/remote desktop) and 5,000/= per visit (available for Nairobi customers only).
7. Do we provide software updates?
Yes we do. All updates are free to download at this time and will install using the license present on the computer.
8. Do we do installations and training?
Yes we do both installation and training free of charge within Nairobi. The client may choose to come to our offices or be trained at their premises.
9. Is the software networkable?
Yes the software works in a client-file server environment which means the backend database file may be placed in any shared folder on a LAN and be connected to by all other client workstations which will be running the front end software.
10. What is the maximum number of users?
There is no maximum number of users but we recommend no more than 5 concurrent users per company
11. Is the software web based or accessible via the internet?
No the software is desktop based and is not accessible over the internet. It however uses the internet to send emails when required (e.g.: payslips)

Some Of Our Customers



Please choose one of the installers below

Demo company license included

*Try downloading without download accelerator if downloaded file is corrupt (Use “Save as”)


Wagemaster installer (Recommended)

File Size: 5 MB

Date: 21st October 2016

Run downloaded file to start installation

There may be some inactivity for a few minutes as the installer analyses the system before starting installation

Installer will automatically download and install any missing requirements during installation


Wagemaster installer (Alternative)

File Size: 190 MB

Date: 21st October 2016

Download this one if you have DO NOT have internet connection on payroll computer

Run downloaded file to start installation

There may be some inactivity for a few minutes as the installer analyses the system before starting installation

Change Log

Version 5.8.25 - 5.8.26

  • Enhanced multi-currency reporting
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 5.8.24

  • Enhanced recruitment module
  • Fixed backup issue
  • Other bug fixes

Version 5.8.22

  • Pay grade link to daily pay and working hours
  • Various bug fixes

Version 5.8.20 - 5.8.21

  • Addition of weekly payroll options
  • Viewing of previous periods gratuity tax calc.
  • Import of staff banks and email details
  • Various bug fixes

Version 5.8.19

  • Global setting for casuals NSSF deduction parameter
  • Long company name wrap on payslips
  • Opt out for automatic update check
  • Bug fixes

Version 5.8.17 - 5.8.18

  • Redesign of leave reports
  • Bug fixes

Version 5.8.11 to 5.8.16

  • New Time card Id for link to clocking systems
  • Additional parameters for Leave management
  • Redesign of leave reports
  • Bug fixes

Version 5.8.10

  • Tool tips on menu icons
  • Itax sheet J – FBT export
  • Bug fixes

Version 5.8.8

  • Casuals earnings can be based on fixed casuals basic
  • Improved upgrading process

Version 5.8.6

  • Automatic updates downloading
  • Minor bugs correction

Version 5.8

  • Company logo on more reports and on menu
  • Separated market value of housing
  • Individual exemption from DIT
  • Benefit taxation – minimum threshhold
  • Document links across all HR modules
  • Reworked leave days update
  • Option to limit cfwd leave days
  • New recruitment modules
  • Reworked appraisal module with samples
  • Reworked disciplinary module
  • New training courses module
  • New tasks module
  • Reworked Gratuity tax in line with KRA iTax guidelines

Version 5.7.15

  • Minor bug fixes and interface enhancements

Version 5.7.14

  • Additional leave setup parameters for Sundays and holidays
  • Loans, savings and Pension statements
  • Minor bug fixes and interface enhancements

Version 5.7.13

  • Separation of Casual and Permanent employees when posting
  • Inclusion of deductions in early payment vouchers
  • Minor bug corrections

Version 5.7.12

  • Added voluntary NSSF to payroll summary
  • Pension report now showing for instances when only company makes contribution
  • Minor bug corrections

Version 5.7.11

  • Removed codes from setup options
  • Fixed loan adjustment and top up options
  • Enhanced user security and permissions
  • Rearranged menus
  • Restoration of data now done before login
  • Addition of reminders option
  • Several other enhancements and bug fixes

Version 5.6.0

  • Redone leave maintenance modules and reports
  • Early payments handling including reports and exports
  • Interface improvements
  • Several bug fixes

Version 5.5.1

  • Added new NSSF reporting
  • Interface improvements

Version 5.4.4

  • Added separate entry of top up loans
  • Interface improvements

Version 5.4.3

  • Added compatibility with 64 bit Office systems
  • Correction of several bugs

Version 5.4.2

  • Added variance report comparing current and previous month’s postings
  • Added four payslips per page layout option
  • Added new bank transfer file formats (for CitiBank, Barclays, NIC, KCB, Fina Bank)
  • Improved layout of Payroll and Tax report menu options

Version 5.4.1

  • Added different rounding options
  • Added payslip layout options

Version 5.4.0

  • Computation of pension benefit for non-profit organizations
  • Separation of pension reports for different pension providers
  • Separation of bank payment reports by company’s payment bank
  • Mutli-currency posting and reporting

Version 5.3.3

  • Fixed problem with updating existing installations

Version 5.3.2

  • Added separate entry points for pensions and tax reliefs

Version 5.3

  • Added importing of data from Excel spreadsheets
  • Extended of Itax reporting to include car benefits (sheet D) and disabled employees (sheet C)
  • Extended of lump sum calculator to include resignation and contract end
  • Extended of lump sum calculator to include arrears tax
  • Added full compatibility with 64 bit systems

Version 5.2

  • Changed to Ribbon menu
  • Added emailing of payslips
  • Added Itax reporting formats
  • Fixed many bug fixes

Installation Instructions

New NHIF Rates Setup

To change to the new NHIF rates proceed as follows:

1. Select Setup & tools menu

2. Select Tax rates

3. Fill in NHIF rates table with new figures. See published rates here.

4. Close Tax rates window and wait for system to recalculate the payroll

Wagemaster 5 – Installation and Starting Up

Installing the system

Download the latest release of the software using the link on this page (existing users can upgrade using the same download)

To install the run the installation package that you downloaded. The installer will complete the installation using default settings (recommended) or you may specify a particular installation location.

Note: This is just the front end installation, network users may specify a shared data location when creating the company data files.

The system will prompt you to create a company the first time you start it up.

Unless you have already purchased a license key choose “Sample data”

Click on continue and accept default folder or specify a network location

Login to the Demo company to start software evaluation.

Click here for the video instructions.

For networked users:

Install on each work station and use the “Connect to existing company data” option when prompted for new company.

Contact us here or send direct mail to: admin@digitalframeworksltd.com if you have any problems installing.

Existing users:

If you are using versions 4.11 and above you may install and use the same license key to create new company files into which you import you existing data.

To import navigate to Tools menu in the newly created company and select “Data tools”. Follow on screen instructions to import your data.




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