Digital Frameworks Ltd - Wagemaster Payroll & Human Resources Software

We know that as an employer you want to maximize productivity using all available tools. In addition you look for ways to efficiently manage your most important resource; your employees.

Digital Frameworks seeks to provide you with the tools to efficiently manage your human resources by computing and disseminating accurate payroll and HR information for both internal and external consumption.payroll-posting

Wagemaster payroll shortens the payroll production period dramatically leaving you and your accounting staff free to concentrate on your companies’ core business.

Wagemaster payroll helps prepare monthly payroll, sends out paysips and tax returns while keeping track of HR data such as contracts, leave and appraisals.

With Wagemaster payroll you can finally say good bye to payroll delays and computation errors, late tax submission, missing leave records and scattered personnel data.

You can be confident your payroll will always be on time with our 24/7 support policy

With 20+ years of experience and over 400 installations we can confidently claim to be able to meet your payroll and HR requirements.